I owe them my life!

After I was evicted, my life became a nightmare. I was lost, walking around like a blind person in the darkness. All avenues closed themselves to me. I had no choice but to reach out to family and friends. They were all so understanding at first, but for how long can anyone take in a single mother with two traumatized children? The humiliation we suffered wandering from place to place, sleeping on anonymous couch after anonymous couch was overwhelming.

I sought help from various government and non-profit organizations. Their aid was too temporary to give me enough time to regroup and rehabilitate and I found myself giving up, losing my desire to live. I had never felt such loneliness before. Until someone told me about The Private Redemption Foundation; they pulled me back from the abyss. There is nothing temporary about their methods. They helped me find a new home, subsidized my rent, my move-in expenses, my food and my medical fees.

In addition they arranged therapy, vocational services and a financial planner. They were there for me until I rebuilt my life and became truly self-sufficient. No matter what happened or what hiccups I experienced along the way… they continued their support until I was firmly standing on my own!