What we do

Private Redemption Foundation is all about finding & bringing lasting solutions

“Give the person a fish he or she eats for a day. Teach them to fish, and they can eat for life.”
The Private Redemption Foundation provides solutions at the highest level—that is, a comprehensive set of programs, tools and resources that empower those in need to move from dependency and desperation to financial, wellness and relationship self-sufficiency.
The Private Redemption Foundation provides the recipient with work that helps them to help themselves and at the same time help others in similarly desperate need, until “they no longer need to depend on others for assistance.”
The Private Redemption Foundation provides emergency assistance and long-term solutions to enable the most desperate among us to rise above their dire situations. We help women and children, widows, single mothers, the elderly and infirm in immediate danger of eviction and often lacking even the most basic necessities.

How We Help

Many of the most vulnerable in our communities live in a constant state of anxiety and desperation—just trying to survive day-to-day. While these individuals may receive assistance from other agencies that temporarily satisfy their basic needs, other obstacles soon arise, creating situations where they are unable to move beyond the cycle of dependency and instability, poverty and despair. We don’t give a person a meal today and let him go hungry tomorrow. We treat the root of the problem by successfully improving the lives of individuals and families at risk of long-term welfare dependency or family instability by creating opportunities for independence.

What Makes Us So Unique?

Private Redemption Foundation works with clients to jointly develop solutions tailored to their individual, unique aptitude, work experience, goals, vision, and level of commitment. Applicants are required to complete and commit to a life plan loosely modeled after a professional business plan. But becoming self-sufficient is a process. While receiving financial aid, participants are offered a variety of life skills and job-enhancement training workshops. Continual motivational and goal-setting coaching encourages participation and builds confidence until people can stand on their own two feet. In tandem, we encourage participants to contribute to the community. We believe that by helping others, they fortify their own self respect.

The Highest Level of Charity

Private Redemption adheres to the teachings of Maimonides, The Rambam, leading rabbinical sage, physician and philosopher of the Early Middle Ages, who taught that “the highest level of charity is to help the individual until he or she no longer needs to depend on others for assistance.”

Emergency Assistance and Long-Term Solutions

Private Redemption Foundation provides emergency assistance and long-term solutions.

We are not talking about basic needs for those living on the fringes of society, requiring food from soup kitchens and a place in a shelter to sleep.

Basic needs must be at a level of quality considered minimally “decent” in the community or society in which the members of the household reside; the lack being what might be considered money for so-called non-essential social amenities or discretionary goods. It is a sustainable, not-uncomfortable standard of living, for those that have fallen upon hard times, until they can be helped to go out from their situation and stand again on their own two feet.

Basic needs implies nutritious food, purchased at grocery stores; rented accommodation and utility needs appropriate to family size; clothing purchased new at a major department store; local telephone service; household furnishings and supplies; personal hygiene needs; any necessary health care co-pay requirements; and necessary transportation linking the household to other basic needs.

Long-term solutions includes programs and tools enabling people to go out from their situation and return to a lifestyle that is self-empowered and self-sufficient, no longer dependent upon others for assistance — the highest level of tzedakah, per the Rambam.