Emanuel Bat Joshua

President and Founder

Emanuel Bat Joshua was a successful entertainer and producer in Israel. She developed innovative entertainment productions, which were covered by all major media in Israel, as well as CNN and SKY NEWS, and other major European media outlets.

Ms. Bat Joshoua was also President of a high-tech entertainment company comprised of 10 elite members of the Israel Defense Forces’ Special Forces. The corporation specialized in the development of youth awareness programming.

Following a “spiritual reawakening,” Emanuel become dedicated to embracing the social responsibility that Jewish life demands, and has since committed her life to gemilut chassadim – performing acts of kindness. She studied at Yeshiva of Machon Alta, in the holy city of Tzvat, Israel, for one year, and at Chabad Headquarters, 770 Eastern Parkway, New York.

Ms. Bat Joshoua has brought with her to the U.S. a passionate ambition to make a difference in this world, and to be one of the people who are part of the solution and not part of the problem. She believes that we need to create solutions that actually solve problems, rather than merely covering them up cosmetically.

Emanuel learned the skills of discipline and hard work while serving two years in the Israeli Army. She brings these attributes to her tireless work for Private Redemption, with a lifelong commitment to founding an international organization that will lift the Jewish people up and bring back the dignity they lost.