Jeff Glickman

Director, Business Development

Born, raised and educated in Toronto Canada, Jeff spent close to 15 years brokering real estate transactions on both a residential and commercial level. In his spare time he lead “Birthright/Taglit” trips to Israel, coached local hockey teams, hosted charity golf tournaments, was a “big brother” to a little boy who did not have a father and assisted several charities via donations and his personal time/effort. It is and has always been a priority for Jeff to “give back” some of his success to the community.

In 2007, Jeff officially made “aliyah” and moved to Israel for a new life in the Jewish homeland. Just over a year and a half later, he married his sabra wife Sharon who in large part was the driving force behind his move. Recently Jeff and Sharon were blessed with their first child; an adorable little boy.

Since Jeff’s aliyah, he has spent his time working in Israel’s lucrative high tech sector taking Israeli ingenuity to the global market. His endeavours have largely included setting up and managing the entire sales and marketing platforms/teams for several tech enterprises. The pride he feels from putting these companies “on the map” is clear the moment he starts talking about his work. The smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes are unmistakable. The only thing that can put a brighter smile on his face would be to discuss his family and passion for Israel.