Judah (“Yudy”) Weiner

Committee Advisor for Recipient Eligibility

Yudy holds an MS Psychology, is an NYS (New York State) Certified School Psychologist, and has been in the Mental Health Profession for over 39 years. He currently works for Nassau County BOCES (Board of Cooperative Education) in Jewish Education. He is also an NYS CASAC (Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor) and CASAP (International Alcohol and Substance Abuse Professional). In addition to volunteer work within his community, he mentors and guides young adults and their families who are experiencing social, emotional and financial difficulties. Yudy has also been successful in facilitating MASK (Mother’s and Father’s Aligned Saving Kids) programs and meetings for over 10 years, running weekly parent support groups, as well as establishing new MASK Groups in both Jerusalem, Israel and in London, England. His professional career includes working with the emotionally disabled both in clinics and developmental centers, as well as developing psychological services and treatment programs in medical centers for individuals suffering from PST Syndromes due to automobile accidents. Yudy maintains a dynamic private practice in the Five Towns in Long Island, NY.