Louie Kemp

Board of Directors

Founder of Louis Kemp Seafood Company, and of Chabad of Pacific Palisades, Mr. Louis “Louie” Kemp says that his biggest achievement in life is his children. In his humbleness he won’t mention many of his great achievements as a businessman and as a known community baal tzedaka. “I know that the real reasons I was sent to this world are to do chesed, kiruv, and mitzvos. All mundane pursuits are window dressing” he says.

Since its creation, Mr. Kemp has been and continues to be an avid supporter of Private Redemption Foundation. We are proud to count him among our board of directors.

You can get more background about Mr. Kemp and his life experiences in a story he wrote for the Jewish Journal entitled “My Seder with Brando,” at: http://www.jewishjournal.com/arts/article/my_seder_with_brando_20041008