Rabbi Robert “HaRav Yerachmiel Chayim” Thaler

Rabbinic Counsel

Private Redemption consultant for issues of halacha, case intake and management policy, and fundraising strategy, including donor outreach, grant writing, and marketing.

Formerly a Financial Analyst for Parker and Company, New York, NY, HaRav Yerachmiel Chayim is “right hand” to the Biala Rebbe of B’nai Brak. Rabbi Thaler received his ordination from Rabbi Jacob Joseph Yeshiva, after which he served as an Educator and Teacher (Magid Shiur) at R Moses Soloveitchik Yeshiva, R Jacob Joseph Mesiftah, Plainview Jewish Center (serving as both Rabbi and Youth Director), and Jewish Center of Forte Green, Brooklyn, NY. He was also Executive Director at Women Physicians for Women, Inc.