Lenny Stein

Administration Assistant American born, Lenny made aliya as a teenager, served the IDF in artillery corps as a surveyor and then did reserve duty for over 25 years. Lenny has been in Finance for over 20 years with various international companies such as VW and Hasbro International. At PRF Lenny is Emanuel’s assistant, tending to

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Odelia Dayan

Coach for communication and leadership. Odelia Dayan is one of Israel’s top coaches. She comes from a background of managing companies for 20 years. Coaching eleven years both small and large businesses and focusing on personal coaching, training and instructing coaches. “Over the years, I’ve created connections and partnerships between my trainees. Connections create new

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Ofer David Dishon

MA in Educational Counseling, Certified MFC Marriage and Family Counselor Over the last 5 years Ofer Dishon has been working in educational counseling, marriage counseling and family counseling for The Private Redemption Foundation. He helped 100’s of the organization’s clients to go out from their situations and to stand strong again on their own two

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