Rabbi Dudi Zilbershlag

“…I had the privilege to see for myself the professional and highly effective work of Private Redemption in bringing to reality the highest vision of charity, as expressed by the Rambam.

As someone who works everyday with the concerns and challenges of the needy, I was amazed to see how…the organization lifts individuals from darkness to light, from the most shameful and deplorable humiliation to dignity and self-respect, bringing them to their promised liberation.

This organization has a blessing from heaven and there is a special double blessing for success for its supporters.”

Rabbi Dudi Zilbershlag
Founder of Meir Panim

Rabbi Daniel Korobkin

Dear Friends,

Private Redemption is a new tax-deductable organization that focuses on local single mothers, primarily in the Pico-Robertson area, who are on the verge of eviction and are struggling to make ends meet. PR provides them with temporary financial relief to get them over the top and hopefully surmount their financial troubles. I have met with the organizers of the charity and feel confident that they are doing very important work. A number of Yavneh families are on their governing board and can also vouch for the organization.

They could certainly use some help before Yom Tov to help the women that are currently in need.

Kind regards,

Rabbi Daniel Korobkin

Rabbi Avraham Sutton

I am writing on behalf of Private Redemption Foundation, whose founders I know personally, and whose character and integrity I can vouch for.

Private Redemption Foundation is a non-profit organization performing the highest level of tzedakah. According to the teachings of our Sages, the greatest level is to support a fellow Jew by giving him a gift or loan, or entering into a partnership with him, or finding employment for him, in order to “strengthen his hand until he need no longer be dependent upon others…” (Rambam, Matanot Aniyim 10:7; Yoreh Deah, Tzedakah 249:6)

Private Redemption Foundation includes a comprehensive set of programs, tools, and resources that empower those in need to move from dependency and desperation to financial wellness and relationship self-sufficiency. Jewish widows and orphans, as well as the elderly and infirm who are in immediate danger of eviction and often lacking even basic necessities are provided emergency assistance and long-term solutions to enable them to rise above their dire situations with dignity.

Many people who fall on hard times find themselves unable to move beyond a cycle of dependency, instability, poverty, and despair. At Private Redemption, they don’t give a person a meal today and let him go hungry tomorrow. They treat the problem at its root, successfully improving the lives of those at risk of long-term welfare dependency or family instability by creating opportunities for independence.

I encourage you to support the vital and urgent work of Private Redemption Foundation.