The Private Redemption Foundation was incorporated as a California nonprofit in 2006, was granted IRS certification as a 501(c)(3) in August 2007. The Foundation is currently expanding its Board of Directors beyond its initial founders, as well as developing its administrative systems and team of volunteers.

In 2003, Emanuel Bat Joshua gave up a very successful singing career to work closely with Rabbi Dudi Zilberstrag to found Private Redemption Foundation as a “grassroots” operation in response to desperate pleas for help from orphans, widows and single mothers in Israel.

Upon her arrival in the United States, Ms. Bat Joshua, with help from Jeff Rohatiner and a group of successful business people and professionals, helped to found the Private Redemption Foundation in the United States. Over the next several years, the Foundation’s response to the needy took many forms, from temporary shelter for the homeless, to preventing homelessness of Jewish women, children, elderly and infirm.

Private Redemption Foundation operates primarily through the dedicated efforts of permanent volunteers, as well as with an outsourced team of committed professionals, and in conjunction with other Jewish, charitable and governmental organizations.